Editor, Daily Nexus:

It’s Monday, 9:20 p.m. About two hours ago I walked out of my Art Studio 4D class to find an empty space where my bike had been. Yeah, you know the feeling – “kinda shitty” is an understatement. I stood there and swallowed my desire to grab the nearest person and harm him or her with my now-useless set of keys. Then tomorrow’s 8-a.m. class popped into my head accompanied by the realization that I’d be walking to it. Had to swallow that desire again.

I walked home fuming. My roommate sympathized. Who doesn’t on this campus? Everyone has been fucked over in this manner at one time or another; in fact, this isn’t the first time it has happened to me this year.

Hence the letter to the Nexus. I’m well aware of how many people read this paper each day and considering the amount of bike theft on this campus, at least a few of these readers must be contributing to it. Lend me your ear if you’re one of these people.

I loved my bike. It was a new and shiny Huffy Cruiser; it even had a basket on the front. My dad bought it for me and took the time to inscribe my name all over it for just such an occasion as this. So if you’ve stolen yourself a nice blue and yellow bike in the last couple of days, take a look down at the handle bars. Do you see the name “MEGAN MESSINA” on them? Yes? Okay, then that bike is mine. Feel that twinge of guilt and now be decent enough to return it. Drop it by the CSO office or hell, email me at missmeg82@hotmail.com. I might give you a dirty look when I come to pick it up but I won’t turn you in. No loss for you; you didn’t spend $150.00 on it, right? On the other hand, if I do see you riding my bike (and keep in mind I CAN tell due to the whole name-inscribing thing) I’m afraid I will not be able to swallow the previously mentioned desire.

Whether or not this letter produces any results, which I seriously doubt it will, the point is I am sick of this bullshit. Have people never heard of karma? Stealing someone else’s mode of transportation is just not okay so STOP FUCKING DOING IT!