The decade-long tradition of transition is upon the staff of the Daily Nexus, and a new space monkey has volunteered for the insomnial duty of editor in chief

Junior political science major Eric Simons was named editor in chief of the Daily Nexus Wednesday by a unanimous vote of the UCSB Press Council. The five-member voting board heard the staff nomination for Simons from current EIC Ted Andersen before interviewing Simons and senior artist Eric Lister, the other applicant.

Simons will take control of the turnover-plagued paper at a time when there is a large number of experienced staffers and said he’s happy with the amount of “great writers we have.”

Andersen will be staying on with the paper in a different position and expressed his pleasure with Simons’ win.

“The paper is in good hands next year,” he said.

Staff training and turnover will begin within the next two weeks, and Simons said he is going to enjoy restocking the staff box with a managing editor, news editor and other positions which have recently vanished from the paper due to staffing problems. Members of the Nexus said they really enjoy spring training and transition, as it is the only time when they get paid for telling other people how to do their jobs.

– David Downs