Fight (for a seat) Night

Two heads are better than one … but not if those heads are meatheads.

You guessed it: I went to UCSB’s annual meathead festival (a.k.a. “Fight Night”) on Friday night (don’t lose faith in me … I didn’t pay).

As expected, there were plenty of large, sweaty Neanderthals in the ring, but by far the biggest meatheads there were the spiky-haired “brothers” who organized the event.

For about two weeks, the brothers have been selling tickets all over campus. What they forgot to mention was that only the first 300 paid customers would actually gain admission to the event.

The other 200 would have to stand in the cold, with no explanation or refund.

Hey, guys, do you plan bar mitzvahs, too?

Monday’s forecast: High pressure system of complaints forces massive waves of refunds.