Editor, Daily Nexus:

In many respects, “pro-life feminism” agrees with the philosophy of “inclusive pacifism.” The latter seeks to:

1.Stop abortion. There are no surplus children, only overly restrictive adoption laws and selfish cultural beliefs and practices.

2.Stop capital punishment. Self-defense and heroism are the only morally valid excuses to deliberately kill another individual.

3.Stop killing and torturing lab animals. The millions of not-yet-researched herbs contain all of the cures, remedies, etc.

4.Avoid war, except to oppose aggressors who actually attack. Most wars are fought for reasons other than what the common people are told.

5.Stop sport hunting. Killing for fun is a pathological mentality.

6.Stop excessive meat eating. We are omnivorous by design, but need not be gluttonous. Most full-time hard laborers cannot last as vegetarians, except in mild climates.

A person of any religion can be an inclusive pacifist. This is an action-based philosophy, which the for-profit media excludes from any coverage because we have no organization, yet. The focus is on the intrinsic, basic rights of every creature with a soul. Every creature with blood has a soul and thus a full set of emotions, and the remaining creatures are still God’s functional living artwork, to be respected as such. If you are “pro-life in every way” as described above but not a feminist, per se, then you are an inclusive pacifist. Please work to stop the above six categories of wrongful, violent deaths!