Like many UCSB students, Associated Students Legislative Council is looking for money for next year.

Last night’s meeting marked the first discussion of the 2001-02 A.S. budget, which, as proposed by Finance Board, would leave A.S. $2,000 in debt next year, despite severe cuts in funding for student groups and a 10-percent cut in honoraria.

Leg Council proposed an amendment to eliminate honoraria for executive officers, who currently receive free tuition in addition to honoraria, as well as more honoraria cuts, on top of the 10 percent already included in the budget.

Off-Campus Rep Matt McMillan said an honorarium is a necessary incentive to get and keep students involved in A.S.

“Basically, we’d be bringing honoraria back down to 1979 levels,” he said. “It will discourage people from getting involved, and others will have to quit their positions to get a job.”

Off-Campus Rep Chris Hubbard said people do not get involved in A.S. because of the money.

“I didn’t join because of the $350 [per quarter] honoraria,” Hubbard said, “and I doubt anyone, especially freshmen, joins for the $50 or $75 honoraria. The idea that cutting funds will lead to a mass exodus is just not true.”

Leg Council will continue the debate next week before making any final changes to its proposed budget.

In other news, Leg Council unanimously approved a position paper endorsing the return of electric shuttles and the establishment of an electric shuttle committee. The shuttles would run through Isla Vista, to campus and out to Goleta.

Although Leg Council does not have the authority to determine the shuttle’s route, one idea is to cut through Sabado Tarde Road to avoid the rainy day backup on El Colegio.

Off-Campus Rep Hagen Green said the shuttle would cut down on traffic and parking hassles both on and off campus.

“[The shuttle] is environmentally friendly, will solve the parking crunch, go to Calle Real, and the movies,” he said. “It’s a better way to get to work, especially in rush hour. The shuttle is almost never late and you don’t have to worry about parking.”