I don’t know who Capital D and Tone B. Nimble think they are. Waiting four years to follow up your first album is usually artistic suicide in the hip hop world; waiting four years as an independent is even worse. But the duo known as All Natural has stayed true to its Chicago roots by doing local shows and putting on other regional talent, and now the group comes back to the forefront armed with a strong territorial fanbase.

Thankfully, All Natural hasn’t lost any of the Fresh Air that made it so dope four years ago. Capital D is still incredible with his wordplay, constructing well-thought rhymes that stay balanced on the thin line between jaded and preachy. There are several guests sprinkled throughout the album’s 19 songs, and all of them manage to hold their own with master of ceremonies Capital D. The best teaming is on “Uncle Sam,” where D and Slug from Atmosphere address some of America’s most formative icons.

While Capital D claims to be “old school like performing calculus with an abacus,” don’t be fooled: All Natural is way ahead of the game. This fact is never more evident than on “Godspeed,” where D humbly admits, “I don’t claim to have all the answers/ I don’t even know all the questions.” Humbleness in hip hop? I take back what I said earlier: All Natural is light years ahead of the game.