I spent the last few days with the extended Weatherfamily.

As you might have imagined, Weatherfamily gatherings are a little “different.” Over the course of five days, I …

1) Sat next to a fat man on the plane who reeked of polish sausage and became violent over the armrest (distant Weather-relative).

2) Drunkenly told the Weatherbrother’s girlfriend that she looked like his last girlfriend.

3) Drunkenly performed in a strip show with the Weatherbrother for 75 people (including the 85- year-old Weathergrandmother and a priest).

4) Drunkenly decorated a Weather-in-law’s car with Saran Wrap, toilet paper, shaving cream and a canned ham (they were on sale).

Monday’s forecast: A drunken haze lifts around noon, followed by cloudy memories and scattered regrets.