Editor, Daily Nexus:

Students should support our new Republican president in lowering our taxes and returning our earnings to us. For too long, the former Democratic president Bill Clinton did nothing but tax, tax, tax us until the Republicans stopped him.

We see the comments of “tax cut for the rich” by the Democrats as lies and dishonesty. The people who pay taxes should get the tax cuts – not those who do not pay taxes. People making $200,000 and above pay 50 percent of the taxes. These are the people that also offer us jobs. Have we ever seen a poor person that will give us a job?

Fifty percent of people do not pay taxes, and many get an “earned income” stipend at the expense of taxpayers. This is “socialism,” and we oppose this. We don’t want some jerk who pays no taxes to get our taxes to pay his bills. We want our taxes returned to us so we can pay our bills.

The tax cuts are slated for the $30,000-and-up taxed incomes. These are the “rich” the socialist Democrats are targeting as the undeserving rich. We have seen Democrats like Tom Saschle, Richard Gephardt and Lois Capps lie to us on Medicare, Social Security reform, and now, tax cuts.

Someday, if not already, most students will be “rich,” and these Republican tax cuts will be considered a blessing.