The Isla Vista Community Improvements and Legal Resource Center lock-ins passed easily in Wednesday’s elections, with each getting over 70 percent of the vote, while the Student Services Activities fee failed, with just under 40 percent.

Results for the campuswide initiatives will be announced as early as this afternoon or as late as Friday depending on an auditor’s official results, said Sarah Thibodeaux, a member of the elections committee.

The SSA fee, which asked students for a $5.90 per quarter increase, was one of three initiatives to fail. Finance Board Chair K.C. Mmeje said student services like A.S. notes and movies sponsored by A.S. Program Board will increase in cost as a result.

“It’s going to be a year filled with tight budgets,” he said. “Prices for things, for A.S. services, are going to go up. There won’t be as many different boards and committees operating to the full potential because there’s not enough money to support them.”

Legislative Council Representative-at-Large Eneri Rodriguez said students were not informed about the fee.

“I think students were really uneducated. It was A.S.’s fault,” she said. “We should have done a lot more outreach, letting people know how important it was for students services and activities fee to pass … A.S. is in serious trouble next year.”

The lock-in fee for Campus Point, the A.S-funded campus magazine, did not pass for the third year in a row. Campus Point Editor in Chief Jason Matthews said the magazine will still be able to print 12 issues at the same size and circulation without the 60 cent lock-in fee, but will have to increase advertising and lose writers to cut costs.

“We will not be able to increase our circulation, nor will be able to increase our page size. Our staff will go unpaid for another year,” he said. “As it stands, [Campus Point] will be fine. We’ll survive another year and put out a great magazine as best we possibly can. This was a blow, but we’ll survive.”

The $1.50 per quarter legal resource fee initiative goes to the Legal Resource Center, which offers free legal consultation to students experiencing disputes with their landlords or other legal issues.

Students will also pay an extra 75 cents per quarter, for a total of $1.50 per quarter, for the Isla Vista Community Improvements fund, which will go toward the I.V. Teen Center and housing and parking projects.

Reaffirmations for the University Children’s Center, Student Health Center, Campus Media, Multicultural Center, Disabled Students Program, UC Student Association and Community Affairs Board all passed.