Given the fact that today is 4/20, the Weathercorrespondents and I have compiled the “stoner alphabet” for your numb-minded pleasure. Enjoy:

A: Acapulco Gold. B: Bammer weed. C: Cokey drug dealer. D: Diggity dank. E: Eating. F: Fatty J. G: Ganja. H: Hell bent on destroying yourself by inhaling fire. I: and I. J: Jamaican anything. K: Kung-fu movies. L: Lethargic laughing. M: Munchies. N: Nachos … no wait, I want burgers. O: Oz. P: Po-po (police). Q: Questioning authority. R: Roach clip shaped like a girl wearing a bikini in Hawaii. S: Skunky dank. T: Toka time. U: Ultramegalophonic hydroponic (unshaven armpits). V: Vampires are scary. W: Wait … what? X: Xtremely baked. Ha ha ha ha. Y?: ‘cuz I wanna Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Friday’s forecast: Hazy clouds in the morning followed by Woodstocks Cinabread and a pass-out sesh.