Editor, Daily Nexus:

Dear Professor Simons in the Mathematics Dept., I am writing in response to your reaction toward my efforts to publicize the Take Back the Night events being held throughout this week. As I spoke out on a megaphone to the crowds of students passing by South Hall just before noon on Monday morning, you emerged from a group of men walking past me and shouted in my face to “Shut that fucking thing off.” I was not only out in the crowd to publicize our kick-off rally in Storke Plaza, but also to answer anyone’s questions. In no way did I expect to be verbally assaulted, least of all from a member of the school faculty.

Beyond the fact that verbal assault, of any nature, never leads to a constructive end, I was appalled at your intimidation tactics to scare me off from publicizing something I feel very strongly about. Your threats to use your clout as a professor to find me accountable by some means not only struck me as cowardly, but also made me think that it was not just an issue of persistent publicizing but some sick power struggle. Let me inform you, professor, if you wish to address me in the future, I do not respond favorably when people scream in my face, and I do not respond to the types of scare tactics listed above.

Your reaction has further fueled my desire to tell as many people as are willing to listen that I am not going to put up with the cultural acceptance of sexual violence; I am here to promote a safe forum to anyone who is willing to respect basic human rights. So in response to your demand, professor, no I will not turn the fucking thing off; I will speak out as loudly and as clearly as possible for this cause.

Please come out and support the Take Back the Night rally in Anisq’ Oyo’ Park TODAY at 5p.m.