The fine for riding a bike on sidewalks has gone up $22, from $55 to $77 in the last month.

The money goes to the county, graduate student Jim Dalton said, while UCSB pays a police officer to patrol the campus for violators.

With the “Broida Expressway” on hold indefinitely, Dalton said he worries that more people will get caught riding between the Engineering buildings and the library.

Most students, he added, will not be deterred by the higher prices, but will continue riding through the area, just at higher speeds to try to avoid getting ticketed.

To get from the Engineering building to the library on a bikepath requires traveling behind the Chemistry building, past Campbell Hall and around the Student Affairs and Administrative Services Building.

The proposed site for the Broida Expressway, which is currently a sidewalk, connects directly from the library to the Engineering II and Bren Buildings.

– Nexus Staff Report