DJ Die’s Through the Eyes is the latest release in a series from the Full Cycle label. This two-disc set includes tracks from Die himself, as well as from his other Full Cycle labelmates. The Full Cycle label comprises most of the UK’s Reprazent crew, which includes such drum ‘n’ bass heavyweights as Roni Size, Krust and Dynamite MC.

The first disc features tracks from a variety of Reprazent artists. On the second disc Die mixes the tracks, most of which are his own creations, into one seamless 74-minute track! The Reprazent crew has taken the criticism that electronic music is repetitive and one-upped the critics by re-presenting the same material.

Despite all the repetition, the album is still worth a listen. The beats are faster, dirtier and darker on this album then on previous Die albums – punctuating fat beats with warped basslines, the occasional Wu-Tang-like piano melody and seemingly haphazard cymbal crashes. His cuts “Driver” and “Jitta Bug” are superb, and before you know it, you’ll find your head bobbing to the upbeat. Still, I found myself fast forwarding a lot to find something that sounded different from the song right before it. On this album Die shows his prowess as both composer and DJ, but needs to vary up the formula a little to maintain interest for the long haul.