An unidentified human skeleton was discovered in a field in Lompoc on Tuesday.

A bulldozer operator discovered skeletal remains at approximately 2:37 p.m. while working on an open field directly below Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church, located at 2800 Burton Mesa Road. Sheriff’s investigators have not determined the identity, race, gender or cause of death; however, the remains were dressed in men’s clothing, according to Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept. public information officer Lt. Mike Burridge.

The construction crew was clearing vegetation from the undeveloped field when the remains were discovered in an area often occupied by homeless people. The remains appear aged and are not consistent with a recent death, Burridge said.

“The remains are sun bleached and appear to have been at this location for an extended period of time,” he said. “At this time, sheriff’s investigators do not suspect foul play, and there are no signs of apparent criminal activity.”

The remains have been transported to the sheriff’s morgue, where they will be examined and the investigation will continue.

– Shaun P. McGrady