No, it’s not the latest from Cypress Hill, but rather another quality album from LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records. Big Bud is another fine addition to the label’s catalog of unique drum ‘n’ bass. Late Night Blues is the two-disc follow-up to the group’s 1999 release Infinity + Infinity, but Big Bud has chosen a different road this time, taking the listener through the realms of jazz, reggae and soul.

The first CD is a “virtual gig.” New York keyboardist Weldon Irvine plays on both the opening and closing tracks and chats with the audience in between songs. Along for the ride is a singer, a saxophonist and a flutist. The jam session incorporates Latin beats, up-tempo house, breaks, jazz and soul. On “Persian Blues,” the players even lay down some Middle Eastern poly-rhythms.

The mood on the second disc changes as Big Bud returns from the excursion to pure drum ‘n’ bass. The bpms increase as he takes you on yet another atmospheric ride, the musical equivalent of driving through the city at night. Four of the tracks are new and four are classic Big Bud songs remixed. Standout tracks include “Mr. Nice” and “Soulfood.” The album is a worthwhile listen if you’re a drum ‘n’ bass fan or if you’re just looking for something new.