Editor, Daily Nexus:

I am an assistant at a local church and would like to make it clear that many of my friends and I were very disturbed by the content, quality and attitude of the lecture given by Norma McCorvey (aka Jane Roe) on March 11.

I am strongly pro-life and an even firmer believer in Jesus Christ, but I found this event shameful and depressing. I want everyone who was at the event to know that not all Christians are like this, nor are all pro-lifers. We do not believe that one cannot be Christian if they are pro-choice, nor do we believe in goading those with opposing viewpoints into commenting and then throwing them out of our lectures with a snide “Jesus loves you” on our lips. My fellow Christians and I were embarrassed by this speaker and would like to apologize to anyone who came to this event with open minds and honest questions and got nothing but opinion and bad attitude.

Abortion is a hot issue, and people on both sides tend to shoot their mouths off more than they should. My friends and I went to this meeting thinking that Ms. McCorvey, having worked in the abortion business, would have some insight into the way the pro-choice movement justifies its stance and how pro-lifers should approach them. Norma botched several questions, from both sides of the issue, that are very important. Why should a fetus be considered alive? Who says it is not? Are these the same people who are making billions of dollars in the abortion industry? What research and facts can the pro-lifers give to qualify their assertions? I urge anyone with a questioning mind to research this issue through books or the Internet. Even question some pro-lifers. Call a Christian adoption organization or an unwed mother’s shelter. Most pro-lifers will give a respectful question an honest answer.

As a Christian, I am glad that Ms. McCorvey has started a relationship with Jesus Christ. That is why many of us came out to support her. We do not support tactless, uninformed and unlearned speeches that are meant to represent our views. I hope the community can see past this event and realize we are not all cut from the same cloth.