The Crest Side Creeper is back again, this time with some help from his cutties (Fellow Cutthroats). Mac Dre, Vallejo’s most revered independent rapper, teams up with fellow Crest Siders P.S.D. and Dubee AKA Sugawolf to bring you a dose of the finest in Northern Cali reality rap. Although not quite as hard as Santa Barbara’s 187 Squad (, Dre brings the heat with his flows and top-notch beats. The intro shows off the trademark deep-voiced flow that makes Mac Dre one of the best-selling rappers in the Bay Area. His lyrics are easily understandable: “Don’t know karate but my kemosabe kick do.”

The tracks that best show off the Cutthroat Committee’s skills are, “Talk Big Shit” and the last song on the album, “Scrilla Getta 4 Life.” This latter track features a trippy hook that sounds like a chant is going on in the background. A downside to the album is that Dre doesn’t rap enough. The guest rappers don’t come off as tight, and the topics of gats, blunts and bitches becomes tired and repetitive. Otherwise, The Cutthroat Committee will satisfy loyal fans and those who need summa that hardcore gangsta rap. For the New York “keepin’-it-real” rap fools, you betta pass cuz Turf Buccaneers are strictly for Cutthroats.