Editor, Daily Nexus:

It takes a tragedy to show what the powers that be are really made of. After one occurred over the weekend, it would have been nice to look toward local leaders with faith in their abilities, but, personally, this was not possible. I predicted these leaders would illustrate to everyone the completely irrational reactionaries that they are. Then, when I started seeing the media blame the party atmosphere of Isla Vista for the actions of David Attias, I became worried that my predictions were correct.

But that was just the silly old media, who gets paid to make ridiculous conclusions, right? I don’t think so. Yesterday, one of the guys I live with got pulled over twice and was told to slow down when he was well under the speed limit. Today, I went to T’o Alberto’s and saw a flyer proposing a “Dry I.V.” weekend in memorial of the victims of the tragedy. We should not drink in memorial? I defy anyone to explain how that makes any kind of sense. Why didn’t we rally for a sober weekend after there was an earthquake in India? Or better yet, why didn’t we all stop sending items through the United States Postal Service for a weekend after Patrick Wen Tsu Hsu died?

Things are only going to get worse. Cops are going to be up our asses. The county is going to pass ridiculous ordinances. The school is going to pull god knows what. Someone might even have the gall to say I am wrong. It’s pathetic.