Editor, Daily Nexus:

As I sit here trying to write a paper, all I can think about were the comments made by A.S. in the Daily Nexus Opinion section ("Coping With a Momentary Action, a Permanent Scar," Feb. 27). They wrote, "and, equally so, to the problem of alcohol and drug abuse in our community."

Why are you overshadowing a week of reflection that should be set aside strictly for mourning the tragic loss of four innocent victims with substances we don’t even know were involved in the accident?

If A.S. wants to be helpful, why not take the suggestions posted by Sally Jo Divis and make them a reality? Offer classes and discussions about mental illness, the signs of people who need help and what to do if, in fact, you think someone needs help.

Then, if A.S. still feels the need to sponsor a drug and alcohol awareness week, by all means go ahead, but not on the same day or week as the memorial. Let family, friends and members of this community take the time to mourn and deal with the great loss that they are feeling!