I like punk rock, but any good punk ass knows there are types of the music for different moods. The Santa Barbara quartet The Ataris seems to gear their punk toward the relationship inept.

The band’s latest album, End is Forever, dives headfirst into a spiral of failed love affairs, broken hearts, loneliness and teenage life. With a few exceptions, End is Forever stays consistent with the theme of the band’s last record Blue Skies, Broken Hearts… Next 12 Exits.

The Ataris does its best to vary the sound of its music with catchy riff intros and upbeat rhythms, and in the process probably fool some local high school kids into feeling happy when they can’t decipher what vocalist Kris Roe is trying to say. However, as a signed Santa Barbara band trying to grow out of the shadows of Ugly Kid Joe, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and yes, even Snot, the Ataris have a long way to go. To break into the national spotlight, the band will inevitably have to work on better songwriting and varying sounds, and move on from past break-ups.

As of now, The Ataris may represent local sounds, but they are still 8-bit punk.