Editor, Daily Nexus:

Trey Clark and Jenne Raub’s top 10 list of “Cruisin'” songs was enlightening. However, in listing Mac Mall’s “Pimp Shit” at number nine, the writers fail to give credit to Ray Luv, who also appears on the album. Fool, I thought you knew. Ray Luv, straight from the streets of the Rosetown, holds it down on this track from the start. To ignore his presence on this song is like saying that “I Got You Babe” is sung by Sonny Bono. Furthermore, were it not for the Ray Luv entourage that cruises down Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa every Friday, bumpin’ “Pimp Shit” and other choicely classics, Mac Mall would never be the great American hero that he is today.

I hope Artsweek continues to print lists such as the one mentioned. However, in the words of Ray Luv, all ya’ll should “peep game from a Rosetown baller” and give credit where it is due.