Editor, Daily Nexus:

In regard to a Daily Nexus article ("UCSB Sues for Cost of SAASB’s Faulty Design," Feb.13).

Pieces of ceiling will continue to drop on people’s heads in Phelps. Elevators with expired permits will continue to stutter before they stop. When the seasons rotate, the exterior walls of Ellison will continue to be color-coordinated accordingly – at least the side in eyesight of Cheadle.

As sprinkler grids explode and Storke pond floods, there will be someone to water-gun away the bird shit on the side of SAASB – at least the side that harbors the Visitor’s Center. The Chancellor’s income goes up 20 percent, grad students are denied acknowledgement and gratitude, the death of "Trick" Wen Tsu Hsu competes with the bitching and moaning of bureaucrats for the front page of the Nexus.

Don’t get me wrong; I have great thanks for our fellow administrators for keeping our school running and humming smoothly.