After running on empty for two weeks, Associated Students Finance Board again has money in its tank.

Three weeks ago, the board allocated what appeared to be its last dollar for the quarter. However, at Monday’s meeting, several student groups returned funding after proposed activities fell through. The largest return came from the Commission on Disabled Access (CODA), who returned $4,300 after it was unable to bring Christopher Reeve to campus as planned.

Finance Board Chair K.C. Mmeje said the returned monies put $5,000 dollars into the board’s coffers.

"We’ve been running on no money for the last two weeks. We met on Monday and gave out some money. We have about $3,000 left for the next three meetings."

Mmeje said campus groups who heard the board was broke a week ago might not know about the recent influx of funds.

"I don’t think people know that we have money," he said. "When we went broke, a lot of people found out about it and didn’t ask us for anything. Right now, we just have to let people know they can come to us and ask for money. I don’t anticipate any big requests coming up."

– Brendan Buhler