The Dirty South has once again unleashed a plague onto the unsuspecting public. First it was Master P and his No Talent Soldiers, now it’s the Field Mob with its debut Ashy to Classy.

Now for some of you who don’t know what ashy means, let me fill you in. Ashy is when the skin is dry and appears to be covered in soot or ash. Well let me tell you that there’s a whole lot of ash and very little class from Field Mob. These country fools stole a little something from Bone Thugs and Eminem, and the lack of originality and creativity becomes painfully obvious.

This album wasn’t bad – it was really bad. Southern rappers should unite and beat the shit out of Field Mob because they’re an embarrassment. Field Mob claims to be keeping it real. It’s keeping it real dumb. Also of note, Ashy to Classy is an enhanced CD, which is industry speak for "they suck live." Hey, you never know, Britney’s first CD was enhanced, and it went platinum – but she had a nice ass and good plastic surgeon. I suggest Field Mob pack it up and try to get jobs back at Cleo’s House of Hair.