While listening to the thoughtful and philosophical Aesop Rock, I began to ponder my own validity in this world. I have questions I need answered: Is anyone reading my reviews? If so, would my recommendation of an unknown artist spur you to purchase the album?

If the answer to either of these is no, then move along as I quietly end my inconsequential existence. If your answers are yes, then check this out: Float, Aseop Rock’s first nationally distributed album, is must-have material for those of you who listen to hip hop for more than just booty-shakin’. Aesop Rock comes equipped with more words to live by than you’ll find anywhere else, often giving us listeners a real introspective view of his state of mind. There are too many quotables to possibly choose one or two of the best, so I’ll let his intro chorus serve as an example as to what to expect: "I float / Everyone around me is busy drowning."

Sound egotistical? It is, to a certain degree. But the ego is just as quickly balanced by self-doubt, making Aesop Rock’s Float one of the most well-written albums in modern hip hop.