Editor, Daily Nexus:

I was outraged when I read that protesters are calling for the release of confessed criminal Sui-Yi Paul Chang ("Community Calls for Release of Chinese Restaurant Owner," Jan. 25). One person was quoted as saying that he should not have been "singled out." Criminals need to be singled out. We need to make examples of them so that the rest of the population knows that the law means business. Laws are made to protect the public, and if someone breaks the law then that person goes to prison. That is how the system works. If laws are not enforced, then anarchy will prevail.

This situation represents a trend toward the enforcement of immigration laws. The United States is currently being flooded with illegal immigrants who overcrowd, bring down the educational system, and set up linguistic and cultural barriers. Most U.S. citizens do not like it (Prop 187 passed overwhelmingly), but cannot do much about it because the government does not readily enforce the immigration laws. Hopefully the Chang situation, and the fear of penalty, will cause other business owners to think twice before hiring illegal immigrants, and hopefully law enforcement will crack down on the immigrants themselves.