In order to ensure that the message of those who fought for peace in the 1960s becomes permanently imprinted in Isla Vista history, a new monument may have to be bombproof.

The I.V. Recreation and Parks District held a Perfect Park monument implementation meeting last night to discuss the anti-war peace monument, which has been anticipated since April 1995. Committee members voiced concerns about the mission statement and vandalism.

Carmen Lodise, a member of the advisory board, recalled another monument in I.V. that faced vandalism problems.

"We implemented a rock over in doggie park a while back," he said. "About 20 drunk rugby players pushed it over so we had to come up with money to bolt it down. We’re going to have to bolt these benches down."

IVRPD Director Diane Conn said she was concerned with more serious vandalism.

"We have always had problems with vandalism in I.V.," she said. "Our criteria right now is that the monument be bombproof."

The planned monument consists of four arches, approximately six to seven feet tall, creating a circle of four benches. Colin Gray, the artist who designed the monument, said he wanted to give the monument a more personable touch.

"Using sand and pebble mix from the beach here would make a more local feel for the structure," he said.

The Perfect Park monument implementation committee and the advisory board also debated the wording of the monument’s mission statement, which was created in 1996. The mission statement, which will be engraved at the center of the structure, currently reads: "In a spirit of remembrance, inspiration and reconciliation, we intend to commemorate the people who worked for peace, justice and non-violence in Isla Vista and elsewhere during the Vietnam War Era."

To date, the IVRPD has raised $12,000 since fund raising began in 1999. The Advisory Board is looking to raise a minimum of $15,000 to ensure that Gray is compensated for his work and to take care of all materials. Gray will be looking at Estero Park and Community Gardens in I.V. to study previous arch designs.

"The next step for us is to consult the County Art Commission," Conn said. "A permit will be needed if the arches exceed 6 feet."

The Perfect Park monument implementation committee and the advisory board will meet again on Monday, Jan. 29 to arrange a commencement date with Gray.

The architectural designs for the Perfect Park monument are on display on the IVRPD website at