Editor, Daily Nexus:

The Nexus staff editorial, “Take One for the Team, Al” of Nov. 28 contains a factual error that colors its opinion of the vice president. The editorial states that, “Gore’s lawsuit has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overstep its bounds.” The lawsuit that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear on Dec. 5 was brought before the court by Governor Bush’s legal team, which argues that all manual recounts should be ignored. All of Vice President Gore’s suits have been filed in Florida State court and have concerned Florida election law. The fact of the matter is that Bush’s camp has been as willing as Gore’s to push legal boundaries in this case, and the Nexus should not chastise Gore without similarly chastising Bush.

Another minor point is that if Democrat Maria Cantwell holds onto her lead in the Washington senatorial race through the recount, Democrats and Republicans will split the Senate 50 seats to 50 seats under a Bush administration, with advantage to Republicans coming only from Cheney’s vote as president of the senate.