Third District Supervisor Gail Marshall hosted a town hall meeting Thursday night for Isla Vista residents concerned with large parties and the possibility of I.V. as part of Goleta.

Approximately 30 students and long-term residents attended the meeting at the University Religious Center in I.V. Discussion at the public forum centered on the possibility of a new law that would require students to register their parties with the I.V. Foot Patrol, and the implications of including Isla Vista in the Goleta Now! cityhood proposal.

Mark Chaconas, executive staff assistant to Marshall, presented a rough proposal for the mandatory registration of parties, which suggests requiring residents to register parties of over 100 people with the IVFP at least 72 hours in advance, and provide a description of security to ensure controlled access to the party.

According to Chaconas, I.V. residents have voiced concern with parties that spill into the streets.

“The bottom line is we don’t want people to feel this is an impediment to having parties, but the party needs to be confined to the property boundaries. We want to prevent the safety problems that occur with these large parties.”

Property owner and I.V. resident Chuck Eckert said the proposal is a step toward solving a large community problem.

“The problem is that there’s no one in charge,” he said. “People are walking into parties where there is loud music and getting alcohol on demand, even if they’re not 21. This proposal is targeting a specific problem: The behavior that takes place where large numbers of people consume alcohol and get rowdy.”

Senior sociology major and Associated Students Legislative Council Off-Campus Rep Bridget Saltzman said the proposal will encounter strong opposition from students.

“I just want you to know that there is a large body of students who will reject this proposal,” she said. “There will be some very strong opposition, and as it is, the proposal is unrealistic.”

Marshall said she wants to keep discussions open and encouraged student input.

“Rather than trying to shut parties down, I hope all residents of I.V. come up with an alternative acceptable solution,” she said. “We are going to have several more meetings before we decide on this. We realize it’s a very big issue for this community.”

I.V.’s possible inclusion in Goleta cityhood plans was also a major topic at the meeting. Marshall said the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) will make a decision concerning Goleta cityhood boundaries in the near future.

“The county administration officer on the board of supervisors has made the recommendation to include I.V. in the cityhood proposal, but this has encountered some very strong opposition,” Marshall said. “If [students and residents] feel that Isla Vista should be included, LAFCO needs to hear about it from you, not just me. Recently, I have been the only voice.”

Meeting attendees voiced support for the inclusion of I.V. in the Goleta Now! cityhood proposal, but recognized opposition from Goleta residents.

“Although I support including I.V. in the Goleta cityhood proposal, the feeling in Goleta is that I.V. has a heavy influence in elections,” 15-year I.V. resident Chris Gallery said. “[Goleta residents] are afraid that their voice will be drowned out by the students.”

LAFCO will hold a meeting on Thursday, Dec. 7, to discuss the final boundaries in Goleta Now!’s cityhood proposal for Goleta. Marshall encouraged all those who support inclusion of I.V. to attend.

The next town hall meeting will be held Jan. 25, 2001