Go Green or Go Home

    Although Earth Day is not until April, Community Housing Offices likes to be ahead of the game and celebrate Going Green during March, when wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day makes us think of going green in our rental homes. Although renters may feel that they have less of an opportunity to make changes in […]

    Theft: An Epidemic Rampant in Isla Vista

    The Isla Vista Beachfront at sunset is tantalizing, but do not be fooled! When the sun goes down, the trouble begins. When your mother said “nothing good happens after 12 A.M.” she was right! Have you ever had anything stolen from you? Better yet, do you know anyone who has ever had something stolen from […]

    Roommateships with BFFs

    Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic relationships. Community Housing Office (CHO) is going to take this time to address some of those other wonderful relationships in your life- your friends! Does Best Friend = Best Roommate? You know your best friend’s heartbreaks and crushes, most embarrassing Isla Vista moments, wild career aspirations, favorite midnight munchies, […]