Column About Fedayeen Fighters Makes Heroes out of Monsters

I am responding to Edward M. Gorenshteyn's letter titled "Fedayeen Fight for Freedom, Not Hussein" (Daily Nexus, April 4, 2003). As a former student of UCSB, it is very disappointing to read the uninf...
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NBA Playoffs Rekindle Civil War Raging Between Northern, Southern Californians at UCSB

During this time of year, it seems that a new sort of breed of basketball fans come out of the woodwork to surface their ugly mugs and flap their lips in the name of Laker bashing.
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Column: Bush’s Performance in Office Deserves National Respect

"W's" 49 minute-long speech diverted the media's attention, and thus the American people's, just long enough to give the citizens of this great country what they needed - hope for the future.
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America Must Suffer the Consequences of Apathy

"If you're not turned on to politics, politics will turn on you." Ralph Nader used these words once, and I am writing to reiterate them. Now that the certification is in and it seems as if &...
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