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Your Fantasy Team: Managers on Managers on Managers

I’ve got bad news: You aren’t the only one managing your fantasy team. Now, before you get all indignant and bitchy, let me just say that it isn’t your fault. See, these “other” managers manage everyone’s fantasy team, and yet they don’t even know that they are doing it. Who […]

An Athlete of All Arenas
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An Athlete of All Arenas

Looking back over Ruth Milne’s career, it’s hard to imagine that at one point she was only a few dollars away from never touching a water polo ball.   The junior goalkeeper broke UCSB’s all-time saves record just two games into her junior season and now has 904 saves as […]


Winners, Losers and Bruisers

After a torrid weekend filled with trades, excitement and disappointment, the 2012 NFL Draft is finally behind us, and once again a bunch of people my age are about to make millions of dollars right out of college because they can play football. I played football in high school. How […]


Fantasy Baseball: More Fun Than a Pillow Fight

Now I know I promised that this week I would regain my sanity, but unfortunately I can’t say for certain that I have. I feel like I’m back to normal, but I’m not even sure I was sane in the first place. Not that it matters. At least I don’t […]


Baseball, Tupac and Hot Fudge Sundaes

I’m going to be honest: I really don’t have anything in the tank right now. I just got back from Coachella this morning and I’m running on empty. It was awesome, and if you didn’t go, you should be jealous that you didn’t get to see that crazy hologram of […]