Eating Disorders Awareness Week: Why Ritalin and Disordered Eating Are an Awful Combination

Eshgh explores the unhealthy relationship between ADHD medication and eating disorders.
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When Mental Illness Labels Never End: Who the Fuck Am I?

I thought I had depression, ADHD and OCD. These are ideas that I’ve allowed into my sacred space of mind and have given my blessing to stay for the wellbeing of my everything. These are labels I hav...
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The Trip That Never Ended: The Really Good, the Bad and the Ugly Faces of LSD

Is the trip worth it? Read this account of the journey (and aftermath) before taking LSD
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My Year and a Half on Antidepressants- Hating, Healing, and Discovering Self-Love Again

Eshgh gives their firsthand experience with antidepressants and their own journey to understanding and self-love.
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