La Vista

Hello and Hola! We are so excited to announce La Vista, the newest branch of the Daily Nexus. We will be serving the UCSB and Isla Vista community, as the Nexus’ first Spanish language media. At La Vista, our team will be focused on translating important Nexus articles that affect the Spanish community to make our media more accessible. In 2015, UCSB was recognized as a Hispanic-serving institution and we want to be able to effectively serve the Spanish-speaking community at the university. While our section will be initially focused on translating articles, we also hope to write original articles in the future.

We are looking to hire two strong leaders to serve as a section editor and copy-editor. These are paid positions. Fluency in speaking Spanish and English along with writing proficiency is essential in upholding professionalism in our writing. We strongly encourage anyone with an interest in Spanish translation and writing to apply.

We are also looking to build a team of translators who will work with the section editor to translate articles in a timely manner and be an active member in the section. Translators will be paid by the article.

Please contact Pricila Flores at or Arturo Martinez Rivera at for more information.

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