Diversity & Inclusion

Hello! We are proud to be the Daily Nexus’ first two chairs of Diversity and Inclusion. As Diversity and Inclusion chairs, we are striving to become more inclusive in the content we produce as a paper and become more inclusive as a staff. UCSB holds pride in its diverse student population, and we are here to ensure that we are highlighting those who have not had the opportunity to own the spotlight. Some central themes that run through each project and initiative include making sure to be inclusive of marginalized communities on campus, thinking about how our content impacts marginalized communities and becoming better allies. We work with multiple cultural organizations to foster relationships with them, so they feel like they also have a place within the Nexus community.

While we focus on the content of the paper, we are also actively working to support each other within the staff. We promote self-growth as individuals as we tackle important issues surrounding culture, race, gender, and sexual orientation.

While we are currently not hiring, we would love to talk! Any questions or comments can be directed to diversityandinclusion@dailynexus.com

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