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The Science & Tech section is looking for writers for the 2020-21 school year.

UCSB is a world-class research university with top names, and Nobel laureates, working here across many disciplines. It has been the site of countless achievements, including the creation of the now-ubiquitous atomic force microscope and efficient blue LEDs — even serving as one of the first nodes of ARPANET during the dawn of the digital era. History has been made at this school many times.

Today, UCSB researchers roam the globe, the lab and the cultural landscape in their pursuit of information. Meanwhile, a vibrant community of young students thrives on and off of campus, organizing competitions, establishing new student groups, carrying out social and environmental activism, and even participating in undergraduate research of their own.

Science & Tech at the Daily Nexus aims to cover all of that and more, with a particular focus on research publications by scientists and academics at UCSB. Nexus reporters within this section will have opportunities to interview and communicate with people at the top of their field and learn about the science from the scientists themselves, as well as community leaders and even government officials.


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