A.S. Elections 2019

It’s spring quarter, and Associated Students elections have rolled around once again.

There are a total of 52 candidates running for Associated Students (A.S.) legislative and executive seats, most of whom fall under one of two parties: Campus United (CU) and the Isla Vista Party (IVP).

Below you will find the candidates running for the A.S. Senate and the five executive positions. The Nexus’ executive candidate endorsements will be released at 12:05 a.m. on Thursday, April 18.

Click on a senatorial candidiate’s name to view their questionnaire.


Isla Vista Party

Zion Solomon, a second-year history of public policy major, said they hope to expand the A.S. Book Bank, create a career development program that would help students cultivate references, expand the A.S. fellowship and create an A.S. ambassador program that would allow A.S. to have better communication with other UC campuses.

Solomon, a current on-campus senator with the 69th Senate, added that their experience working in different spaces around the campus makes them equipped to represent the student body as a whole.

“The most marginalized people [on campus] experience all the bugs in a system, like all the things going wrong with the association or the university,” Solomon said. “We're able to feel it the most and then we're able to advocate for them and make this university better in a way that benefits every single student on this campus.”

Campus United

Alison Sir, a third-year political science major, hopes to create a vending machine that will distribute free meals to students with high financial need and undocumented students, incorporate the emergency blue light system in Isla Vista as well as create an A.S. app that would provide students with knowledge of all food insecurity resources on campus.

Sir, a former off-campus senator with the 68th Senate, said she hopes to get rid of some of the toxicity that is present in A.S and re-examine how A.S. spends its funds.

“When I [came to] UCSB, I decided to run for Senate because I thought Asians make up 30% of the population, yet there was one senator who represented Asians in the Senate. And I thought, there's something wrong with that,” Sir said. “I felt like I was going to lose, but I [won] and I managed to do a lot of change, which is really cool.”


Campus United

Alli Adam, a third-year political science major, said she will run a “tight ship” and address the divisiveness in Senate that comes with party politics.

She noted that the senators do not need to see eye-to-eye on everything, as long as things are kept “clean and respectful.”

“The role of internal vice president sets the tone [for the Senate], lays the framework for how much potential that body is going to have,” Adam said. “It’s an amazing group of students with so many ideas, but the ideas are never going to be implemented or executed if the internal vice president does not support the senators and does not give them the guidance and the resources [they need].”


Isla Vista Party

Christian Ornelas, third-year environmental studies major with a professional writing minor, is currently serving as an off-campus senator, but wants to extend his projects through the community by serving next year as Executive Vice President of Local Affairs. In the office, Ornelas wants to work on creating community classes co-taught by students and professors, implement a bi-monthly farmers’ market and continue working to resolve mold issues in homes in Isla Vista.

“I really hope that I can use my experience to kind of help make people's lives better and help people live their best lives.”

Campus United

Matthew Griffin, third-year political science major, wants to use his experience as the Isla Vista liason for the Executive Vice President of Local Affairs office and passion for Isla Vista to give back to the community in the next year. Specifically, Griffin plans to create a community court in Isla Vista for residents to have hearings for minor infractions, hold more Green Dot trainings, create a food bank in Isla Vista and develop a community composting system.

“Over the past three years I have continued every day to fall in love with our community, and I want to be the person who is the student representative.”


Isla Vista Party

Alexandra Leal Silva, a third-year history of public policy major, has been working in the EVPSA office for three years; she was initially a fellow in the office and then served as the community organizing director her second year, and this year she is the legislative director. Silva hopes to focus on expanding financial aid, advocate for undocumented students and address deferred maintenance on campus.

“I want UCSB to be a leader of force when it comes to these issues. I want them to think of our campus as an indispensable area of innovation and of creativity and community. I think that we already have it and I think we can do more of it, and I would love to help lead us to that next step.”

Campus United

Daevionne Beasley, a second-year sociology major with a minor in black studies, is the director of internal affairs for the Coalition for a Better UC, which aims to expand the Cal Grant. Beasley wants to help stop the UC from doing business with corporations that profit off of prison labor, support formerly incarcerated young adults who apply to UCSB, and he wants to focus on decreasing the burden of tuition for UC students.

“Being here [at UCSB] and now trying to go into a place of leadership, I can really serve those students who feel like they don’t have a place here in whatever capacity.”



Andrew Nguyen, a second-year English major, is a current on-campus senator who, if elected as S.A.G., would like to keep students informed of their resources as well as make resources more accessible for students.

Nguyen plans to handle each incident on a case-by-case basis, and said he will maintain neutrality and non-partisanship while in the position.

“I think the major thing I'm focused on is visibility and accessibility for resources. From my friends and my constituents as the senator right now, people just don't know they exist.”

(12 seats)

Isla Vista Party

Carlos “Andy” Ruiz, a second-year sociology major, founded his platform on creating more awareness for the LGBTQ community at UCSB.

“I want to make sure that people know how to handle situations, how to make people feel more comfortable.”

Campus United

Jennifer Vizzuett, a first-year econ and accounting major, wants to provide more environmentally friendly options such as providing more plastic-free options in restaurants both off and on campus and having more water stations around Isla Vista. She also hopes to make an impact in bringing together different communities.

“I want to bring diversity in the community and bring in more involvement of people that are underrepresented. I am very determined and involved and ready to listen to everyone.”

Isla Vista Party

Ektaa Tendolkar, a third-year student and political science major, wants to expand access to the A.S. Food Bank, and hopes to increase the number of locations so that students in Isla Vista who struggle with food insecurity also have resources at their disposal. She also wants to work to decrease “hostile police presence.”

“I know personally I sometimes feel MORE anxiety instead of safe when I see a bunch of cops around for events like Halloween and Deltopia. I hope to work with IVFP and UCPD to LESSEN the amount of negative interactions students have with police in IV.”

Campus United

Tianna White, a second-year pre-political science major, wants to focus on the safety of Isla Vista and its students. She hopes to do this by continuing the lights project the current EVPLA office is doing as well as implement more blue light systems on and off campus. She also would like to push for the implementation of Naloxone across I.V.

“Isla Vista is an extremely unique community — not many universities have a place like this, and with a unique community comes very unique safety concerns to address.”

Isla Vista Party

Shannon Sweeney, a first-year environmental studies major, wants to implement a Naloxone training for CSOs.

“Every other law enforcement body is trained on using Naloxone besides CSOs, and a lot of times they are some of the first people to an incident. We’ve had three overdoses recently, and by doing that we can save lives.”

Campus United

Quinn Lyon, a second-year pre-biology major, said he wants to focus on environmental platforms. Lyon was the commissioner of environmental sustainability in the A.S. Office of the President this past year, and he would like to position UCSB Associated Students as a leader in the fight against climate change by “creating some kind of resolution that supports the Green New Deal.”

“As students at public schools, we have a responsibility to be heard, especially with an issue as pressing as climate change.”

Isla Vista Party

Makenalani “Roo” Cash, a second-year political science major, hopes to improve the mental health services both on the campus of UC Santa Barbara and off. She also wants to involve the entire student-body community in ending negative stigmas toward mental health.

“This is something I am very passionate about, and I think I could do this by better allocating funds towards CAPS.”

Campus United

Tyler Ferguson, a first-year pre-political science major, aspires to tackle the food insecurity issue by collaborating directly with the UCen governance board to expand the EBT program for UCSB students.

“I am a very passionate person, I am ready to fight for the students’ needs and I am always here to listen to the students.”

Isla Vista Party

Racquel Almario, a third-year mathematical sciences major and feminist studies minor, wants to expand the A.S. Book Bank on campus and provide more resources.

“I want to provide more textbooks and expand the book bank to testing materials and schools supplies as well as having a test bank.”

Campus United

Vanessa West, a third-year communication major, wants to focus on increasing the amount of bike racks and study areas on campus.

“I really want to give back to a community that welcomed me and gave me so much. I really want to give back in any way I can. There are needs all around that people talk about and I really want to have them be heard and try to help wherever I can.”

Isla Vista Party

Sam Vega, a second-year feminist studies and philosophy double major, aspires to focus on the basic needs of students including safety, housing and food insecurity. Specifically, she wants to expand resources to better accommodate every student at UCSB.

“The conditions people are living in Isla Vista [are] uninhabitable. There are so many people living in mold-infested homes and that is not OK. There are resources, but I don’t they are expansive enough to grab all the needs of the student body.”

Campus United

Trenten Francis, a third-year political science major, wants to improve Isla Vista landlord/tenant relationships, safety in Isla Vista and biker/scooter “friendliness” around Isla Vista.

“I hope to develop the community that has welcomed me ... One of the main things I want to do is to be a part of an Associated Students that is very open and accessible to the student body, because one of the things I’ve noticed in my time here is that I’ve kind of felt disconnected from Associated Students and I don’t really know what they’re initiatives are and what’s happening, so I hope to be very open and hear all the voices of the student body and fellow Gauchos.”

Isla Vista Party

Daniel Segura-Esquivel, a second-year sociology and communication double major, wants to continue incorporating minority trainings across different organizations across campus that touch upon all the different minority groups on campus in order to help everyone understand what is and is not OK.

“These trainings need and should be implemented so that there is no excuse for any hatred against any communities on this campus.”

Campus United

Tyler Barth, a first-year political science major, wants to bring change about UCSB and the community by strengthening public safety through the implementation of a text message alert system. He also plans to form a partnership between CSOs and the I.V. Foot Patrol to promote weekday safety when students are walking home alone.

Barth hopes to establish a room within the religious studies department where different religious groups and organizations can share events and activities to all who are interested.

“We want to make sure everyone feels secure at any time during the week.”

Isla Vista Party

Kevin Abarca, a second-year linguistics major, wants to reinforce the programs already available at UCSB.

“If I’m not able to get [my ideas] done, I at least want to set up the framework so that it can be passed onto future senators … I’m someone who’s used a lot of these programs, and also I was an RA before so I told residents to go to these programs. I feel like they work, they just need a lot of fine-tuning and actual feedback from users.”

Campus United

Giselle Etessami, second-year psych and brain sciences major, plans to make the community more environmentally friendly by implementing more trash receptacles, recycling bins and educational programs.

She would also like to add outdoor gyms and student-run flea markets to promote a stronger sense of community, as well as host lectures between students and law enforcement to foster a better relationship between the two.

“I know that Isla Vista and UCSB students love working out, and we want to foster a better relationship to the environment as well.”

Isla Vista Party

Mina York, a third-year sociology major, finds that I.V. does not have enough recycling opportunities and plans to add more recycling bins off campus. She would also like to consolidate all available resources in the community into a single directory to make it easier for residents to take advantage of them. York would also like to implement a grant program aimed at helping to cover the cost of grad school applications, fees and prep classes. Lastly, she would like to create a mixed student organization that would be recognized as an official A.S. entity.

“I think it would be really cool if we had an established org[anization] on campus … an actual A.S. entity for mixed students.”

Campus United

Theresa Aromin, a second-year political science and environmental studies double major, hopes to contribute to the reduction of food insecurity through hiring more CalFresh interns as well as building upon the A.S. Food Bank.

She also finds that creating a key-copying kiosk will help combat theft and burglary by making it easier for I.V. residents to get new keys and keep their doors locked.

“Some of my biggest goals are to alleviate food insecurity … through the expansion of the A.S. Food Bank.”

Isla Vista Party

Anthony Agama, second-year political science major, is focused on highlighting existing resources, like C.A.R.E., and expanding them into Isla Vista. He also wants to increase the number of study spaces in I.V.

“I feel like sexual assault is really prevalent within our own community, sadly within the UCSB community, and so opening up those resources out into I.V. would help kind of create that conversation and to also make it more so that we don’t have to rely so much on Title IX.”

Campus United

Matan Laredo, a second-year political science major, wants to work on improving relationships between students and administrators, particularly by increasing student representation on university committees. He also wants to increase student awareness and education about the uniqueness of Isla Vista.

“In my experience at UCSB, I’ve noticed two things that have harmed me the most and the people around me the most, and one of those is the relationships between students and administrators, and how they handle student affairs.”

Isla Vista Party

Leela Ray, third-year global studies and pre-political science major, aims to expand students’ access to C.A.P.S. by supporting stigma-free environments, supporting students’ feelings toward mental health counseling and bringing counseling services to Isla Vista.

“Even though we live in an amazing community, I think there can be more that’s done as soon as students get to school to start creating a stigma-free environment here on campus.”

Campus United

Third-year hydrologic science major Dagan Addinall wants to update the Blue Light program, which is a distress button placed at various locations around campus that connects students to the university police department.

“We have a decent amount of [the buttons], actually; they’re just placed in odd locations, like locations where a lot of students don’t tend to go.”

Isla Vista Party

Kimia Hadidi, a third-year political science major, said she wants to extend the A.S. loan program to a three to four-month payback period, specifically to help students who face housing insecurity during the summer. She also wants to work with C.A.P.S. to develop an online appointment scheduling system and to add a C.A.P.S. therapist in Isla VIsta.

“[Housing is] a big issue here in Isla Vista for students who need to take summer classes. [I want] to demand affordable housing that is dependable and accessible in Isla Vista, [and] to instill transparency of emergency grants and loans for off-campus students.”

Campus United

Eric Moon, a second-year history of public policy major, wants to create a new textbook grant program that students could apply for and be awarded money for textbooks. Overall, Moon feels strongly about helping students deal with the financial burden of having to buy textbooks, pay for tuition, etc.

“My biggest passion is fighting to improve the lives of all Gauchos, whether that be lobbying senators in Washington D.C. or working with the UC Office of the President in Sacramento to mobilize students on these critical issues that affect the whole UC system.”


Campus United

Emma Swanson, a first-year physics major, wants to make textbooks more attainable and affordable for all students. She hopes to do this by expanding the course reserves system in the library as well as adding more scanners and creating a more efficient system for students to sell books. She is also big on expanding study spaces during midterms and more environmentally friendly practices across campus.

“When students first get to UCSB and see how expensive textbooks are, [it is jarring], so this really needs to be addressed, and we could do this by possibly expanding some of the current systems in place.”

Isla Vista Party

Adalis Rojas, a first-year English and political science double major, wants to work on the issue of affordable textbooks.

“I understand that a lot of our student body is concerned with overpriced textbooks. I know that some students have even skipped meals every single day just to pay for textbooks. I really want to work on a resolution or bill that focuses on creating a system to create more affordable textbooks or at least have all that information online and free, as well as push professors to use A.S. publications.”

Campus United

Austin Foreman, a first-year pre-biology major, hopes to implement an online library full of free textbooks so students don’t have to buy textbooks for all of their courses. He also hopes to work with the A.S. Bike Committee to repair and maintain bike paths and implement a quarterly system to check the paths to assess for maintenance.

“[We also need] alternate bus routes at the beginning and the end of the quarter to help students get to the train station and the airport. I feel that’s also very important to address student needs.”


Isla Vista Party

Sarah Danielzadeh, a second-year brain and sciences major, wants to implement new majors for students to choose from as well as modifying G.O.L.D. so that students have an easier time enrolling in courses and have the opportunity to graduate on time. In addition, she wants to change the current waitlist system to better help upper-standing students.

“I want to collaborate with department heads to encourage new majors to better fit our generation's interest and that are more up-to-date with the current job market.”

Campus United

Olivia Campos, a third-year sociology major, wants to ensure that the resources provided to students are the most representative, accessible and effective. She would also like to collaborate with department heads, administrators, etc. to gain funding and help students’ financial burden.

“As a senator, I want to make sure every student feels they have the proper resources and support necessary to have a successful experience at UCSB.”

Isla Vista Party

Justice Dumlao, a fourth-year global studies major, wants to create an advertising plan for Associated Students with set guidelines. He also hopes to continue the implementation of solar-powered charging stations in parks in Isla Vista and in the campus as well.

“I have acquired a lot of A.S. knowledge over the last four years and I would love to share that with everybody, especially students who do not feel like they could access A.S. as much. My mission has always been to outreach to communities who don’t care about A.S. or know about it because I really do think it is an incredible resource.”

Campus United

Samantha “Sam” Degoey, a third-year transfer student and pre-communication major, said her main goal is safety for UCSB students. She wants to implement more blue light systems and help students feel more comfortable.

“I think that is the foundation for this community. If everyone feels comfortable then we could work together and make strides towards different avenues. I just really want to make sure everyone on this campus is taken care of.”

Isla Vista Party

Kellie McManamon, third-year sociology and communication double major, wants to improve transportation for students to get to campus and downtown Santa Barbara by expanding the options available to students as well as allow students to use their free prints in the library and in resident halls.

“I kind of want to lead the pathway into regular students joining A.S. or feeling like they can lead even if they don’t have that regular experience in A.S.”

Campus United

Benjamin Chocron, an undeclared second-year, hopes to institute more well-known emergency procedures to protect students and faculty at UCSB, specifically in regard to active shooters and bomb threats.

“My biggest goal is to promote the safety and well-being of everyone at UCSB. I feel like there have been various instances where that has been threatened — specifically talking about what happened in 2014 and looking at various recent threats that have been at the libraries and one of the sororities nearby.”

Campus United

Second-year global studies major Alya Ruiz wants to work on advocating resources on campus to meet the needs of diverse communities and building strong ties between marginalized groups and the administration, student government and UCSB’s in’s and out’s.

“I want to really outreach to these different communities so that they don’t feel like they don’t have a space in student government, in policymaking and in the way that UCSB runs.”


Isla Vista Party

Dylan Kupsh, a second-year engineering major, hopes to shed light on the struggles of engineering students by establishing a specialized counseling service within C.A.P.S. that is dedicated to serving engineering students at UCSB.

“[As] engineers, we have really tough classes … what I think is really important is for engineers to have accessibility in the services that UCSB provides.”

Campus United

Alan Lim, a first-year chemical engineering major, wants to provide more C.A.P.S. programs for engineers. He also wants to help integrate engineers in Associated Students as a whole by openly advertising more opportunities for different committees by providing more accessible outlets.

“For me, mental health is a big issue and I want to make sure every engineering student is getting the mental health care they want and they do not feel stigmatized for going to get help.”


Diana Reyes Carrillo is a fourth-year computer science major who seeks change within the engineering community at UCSB. She would like to make technology, such as 3D printers and Linux laptops, more accessible for students.

Reyes believes current on-campus parties are not in tune with the needs with the needs of engineering students at UCSB, and would like to introduce a second engineering senator into the A.S. Senate to represent more constituents.

“Diversity of thought is very valuable, so I would like to bring one more engineering senator into the senate.”


Isla Vista Party

Robert “Robby” Aceves, a third-year transfer student and Chicano/a studies major, said he wants to create a better orientation system for incoming transfer students. Aceves said he wants there to be more of an emphasis on informing students right away about how important classes are to enroll in and how to get them quickly, as well as informing students of all the requisite resources across this campus.

“I have noticed for some of my peers that the transition has been very difficult because people are not fully familiar with the process. I want them [students] to feel like they know the resources available to them and they have a community.”

Campus United

Kevin Sway, a third-year transfer student and sociology major, said he hopes to address the problem of food waste and sustainability in Isla Vista by having A.S. recycling and the campus in general working with existing community gardens to create nutrient-rich soil and taking food waste out of the trash and into composting.

“Growing up in a commune in Northern California, sustainability has been a big part of my life, and it would be very, very phenomenal for Isla Vista to incorporate some type of sustainability into our food production.”


Isla Vista Party

Suad Abdullahi, a second-year political science major, wants to primarily focus on improving food resources for students who live in off-campus, university-owned apartments, as well as find a way to improve students’ hectic lives.

“I really want to focus on improving student life … I’m also a working student, a first-gen student, so I definitely really understand student life but the not-so-easy part of student life.”