Sheriff’s Department Destroys Marijuana Plants

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department has destroyed 47,000 marijuana plants in the county over the past few months during the annual marijuana eradication season, resulting in a loss of $131 million in street value.

Garden of Weedin’: The Golden State Looks to Legalize Marijuana Use

The last time the legalization of recreational marijuana use was on the CA ballot was in 2010. It failed to pass by a seven percent margin, but will make a reappearance this November.

California has rejoined the list of states seeking to legalize marijuana with two different ballot initiatives vying to appear in the November 2014 election.

Coast Guard Takes Smuggled Reefer Near Channel Islands

Weed courtesy of

On Sunday morning, crew members from the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Alert recovered approximately 3.3 tons of marijuana floating in the Pacific Ocean near the Channel Islands. During a routine patrol, a Coast Guard aircraft based in Sacramento spotted a suspected smugglers’ boat 90 miles west of San Nicolas Island, which prompted the traffickers to […]

Universities Study Effects of Weed on Lung Health

In a national study, researchers at UC San Francisco found that a low to moderate level of marijuana usage is less harmful to the pulmonary system than tobacco use. The researchers believe the data can supplement the existing knowledge regarding the beneficial aspects of low to moderate use of marijuana in treating chronic symptoms such […]

County Stops Commercial Weed Trade

The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors approved a ban on all medical marijuana dispensaries in the county at its Tuesday meeting after months of deliberation and failed alternate proposals. The board voted 4-1 to prohibit storefronts in unincorporated areas of the county after placing a temporary moratorium on local dispensaries in January 2010. The […]

Puff Piece for Pot Fails to Deliver Adequate Argument

Maybe I just don’t get it, but as a longtime reader of the Nexus’ drug articles, I still find myself at a loss as to what the paper or frequent drug columnist Kevin McCarty is actually advocating. A recent column (“The Pointlessness of Pot Persecution,” Daily Nexus, May 16, 2011) essentially stated “the man is […]

Marijuana Dispensary Gets Smoked

Santa Barbara’s oldest medical marijuana dispensary may close its doors after the Santa Barbara City Planning Committee denied its appeal to continue operations earlier this month.

Flying High Readers Debate Prudence of Prohibition and Weed Addiction

In response to “Harmful Bath Salts Become New, Legal Substitute to Same, Old Weed.”

How I Learned to Stop Hating and Love Ganja

Today’s column is the last that I write as a student here at the University of Casual Sex & Beer, so I will babble in the form of a Life Thesis.

Prosecutors To Continue Cases Involving Weed

Santa Barbara city officials have resumed court hearings and legal proceedings regarding the sale and use of marijuana after a prosecution hiatus during the midterm general elections.