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As Tragic Events Mount, One Columnist Pleas For an End to I.V. Violence

I’m fed up. Maybe you are, too. There have been two stabbings in Isla Vista since the beginning of the school year. That’s one per month. Couple that with two cases of illegally-discharged firearms, numerous cases of sexual assault and a potentially drug-influenced death last Thursday, and the picture isn’t […]


Nonprofit To Endorse Violence Prevention

Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara County will host an event this Thursday in the Santa Barbara Central Library to educate the community about teen dating violence and prevention. The program will take place in the SBC Library’s Faulkner Gallery from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider […]

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Alcohol Consumption No Excuse for Excessive Violence

One night at a party in Isla Vista I came upon a scene in which some asshole was threatening a seemingly innocent girl and consequently pissing off the wrong people. Needless to say, he got punched in the face. While he was down, a spectator with apparent ties to the […]

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In Solidarity- UCSB Administration and Student Pledge

The UCSB Administration and the Associated Students take a pledge to avoid violence and support free speech in regards to student political activism. This video is a portion of a open forum that took place between UCSB students and faculty on November 30th, 2011 at the Corwin Pavillion.   Video […]

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Cal Community Condemns Violence During Shooting

As ‘Occupy’ protesters from across the Bay area gathered at UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza on Tuesday to join a university-wide strike against police violence and privatization, a UC police officer shot and killed an armed undergraduate student in an apparently unrelated incident. An estimated 4,000 demonstrators including representatives from Occupy […]