The Tuition Problem

The Daily Nexus staff responds to the Regents’ planned tuition increase.

Protesters Convene in Storke Plaza for Rally on Tuition

Students and faculty rallied at Storke Tower Thursday to protest the recently approved the UC tuition increase plan, which caps potential yearly increases at five percent over the next five years, in an event hosted by Associated Students.

Regents Approve Tuition Plan

The UC Board of Regents met yesterday at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center for the second of a three-day meeting to discuss, among other items, a proposal to fund the UC which includes a controversial increase in student tuition by five percent annually over five years.

Regents To Talk Money Matters Today

Today at the University of California Regents meeting at the UC San Francisco Mission Bay Conference Center, the Regents will consider various measures for approval, including the approval of the tuition increase as proposed by the UC Office of the President and the Board of Regents.

Students To Attend Regents Meeting at UCSF

The Associated Students Office of the President and External Vice President of Statewide Affairs (EVPLA) is providing transportation and housing for 24 selected students to voice their opinions on a proposed tuition increase at the meeting of the UC Board of Regents at UCSF Mission Bay this Wednesday.

Professor Gives Talk on Public Universities

English professor Chris Newfield gave a talk yesterday evening at the McCune Conference Room on the future of public universities, as well as the necessity of low tuition and face-to-face learning in order to foster egalitarian access to higher education.

New UC President Addresses Student Issues in Private Meeting

On Friday, a select group of students met with newly-appointed UC President Janet Napolitano at the Mosher Alumni House to address issues such as tuition rates, diversity at UC campuses and her controversial role as the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, while over 50 students protested outside the meeting.

Updated FASFA Application Provides More Options For 2014-15 Students

The U.S. Department of Education recently announced several changes to the language of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form, including options for unmarried parents living together and gender neutral terminology. These alterations will first appear on the 2014-15 FAFSA, with options for “Parent 1 (father/mother/stepparent),” “Parent 2 (father/mother/stepparent)” and “unmarried and both parents […]

Brown Signs New Bill To Ease UC and CSU Student Tuition Hikes

Last week, Governor Jerry Brown signed the Working Families Student Fee Transparency and Accountability Act, which requires at least a 30-day notification for a proposed tuition increase and a minimum 90-day period before adoption of a proposed tuition increase in the UC and CSU systems. The bill, labeled AB 970, was co-sponsored by the UC […]

Student Demonstrations Target UC Regents’ Potential Fee Hike

Yesterday’s UC Board of Regents meeting in Sacramento was interrupted by student protesters as the board prepared to discuss a potential tuition increase. Students dressed in mock prison jumpsuits circled the room and sang about the woes of “working on the chain gang,” analogizing students’ “imprisonment” by debt and compelling the board to retreat into […]