NFL Round-Up: Week 1 Review

Dez Bryant broken foot

In the first ever Nexus Sports Online Focus, sports editor Michael Jorgenson gives his take on some of the top storylines we witnessed during Week 1 of the NFL season.

Take Your Pick: Brady or Montana?

Tom Brady_Natalie_Sports

Both Tom Brady and Joe Montana have four Super Bowl titles. Staff writer Edward Moss explains why Cool Joe is still the greatest Super Bowl QB of all-time.

NFL Season Over? Back to NBA Fantasy

We’ve got some new free-agent finds this week for a limited time only

Super bowl XLIX: Key Matchups and Advantages

The Nexus sports staff breaks down the key matchups of Sunday’s big game

Super Bowl XLIX: Legacies on the Line

Sports editor Michael Jorgenson and staff writer Edward Moss discuss the implications that Sunday’s game could have on both team’s legacies

NFL Divisional Round: Matchups and Predictions

Sports editor Michael Jorgenson gives his predictions on what could be one of the most exciting Divisional Playoffs in recent memory.

NFL Fantasy Week 14: Playoffs?!

With playoffs just around the corner, Daniel gives some final advice before the elimination rounds begin.

Top 5 Superstitions in Sports

Taking a look at some of the best superstitions in sports.

What is Wrong With Brady and the Pats?

There is no question that Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL — some might even say he is the greatest. He holds the single season touchdown record and a year ago his 36 touchdown, four interception season earned him his second MVP […]

NFL Divisional Playoff Preview: Jets v. Patriots

The hype leading up to Sunday’s Jets-Patriots matchup will soon be over and will allow one team to either continue talking (ahem, Rex Ryan), or continue playing. Intriguing matchups to watch for during this game come straight from the line of scrimmage.