Multitasking: Why Doing Too Many Things At Once is Bad For the Brain

“Practice makes perfect.” It’s that favorite mantra of parents, teachers and coaches all around the world. It’s been drilled into our minds since before we could remember. It makes perfect sense too: If you want to master something, you need to devote some time and effort to it. But, in this day and age, it […]

The Passing of a Radioactive Dating Pioneer


Dr. Garniss H. Curtis, a UC Berkeley professor emeritus of earth and planetary science, died Dec. 18 in Orinda, California at the age of 93. Curtis’ work with other UC Berkeley professors and seismologists pioneered a new form of radioactive dating that worked on relatively young rocks and helped establish the first solid timeline for […]

With Dead Week on the Horizon, Is It Time For a Cup of Coffee or a Nap?


Remember the last time you had trouble sleeping at night? It’s a cruel sort of torture, having to endure every single second of sleeplessness while the hours seem to whisk on by unnoticed. But that doesn’t even compare to the struggles of the following day. Sleep is a huge part of our well-being and ignoring […]

Team of UCSB Researchers Creates New Method For Harnessing Solar Energy


Researchers at UCSB have found an alternate way to harvest energy from the sun without the use of semiconductors. Although the method is still in its infancy, the research team has already obtained substantial progress in efficiency. The use of solar energy is becoming viably competitive to fossil fuels. Zero-emission fuel cells deliver a clear […]

Grant Finances Web Access in Rural Africa

UCSB professors Elizabeth Belding and Lisa Parks recently received $1.2 million in grant money from the National Science Foundation as part of a project to improve Internet access in Macha, Zambia, a rural town in sub-Saharan Africa. Parks, a film and media studies professor, and Belding, a computer science professor, will receive the funding over […]