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Grocery Unions Reach Contract Compromise

Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons workers voted to ratify a new labor contract this past Sunday, narrowly avoiding a possibly detrimental strike. Labor unions and representatives from the supermarkets’ parent companies reached a tentative agreement late Sunday night that increases wages and protects health care benefits for the market employees. The […]

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Chalk Slogans Create Straw Man

I call attention to the various chalk protests we see on our campus walkways. Some decry an unjust imbalance between defense spending and spending on education. These chalk slogans are classic examples of the logical fallacy, the “straw man.” In a classic straw man fallacy, attention is drawn away from […]


Campus Calls Out UC Budget Cuts, Prepares Protests

Students across the nation are protesting the effects of budget cuts on public education during this year’s Week of Action.


Students Recount Egypt’s Revolt

“About 10,000 people were in Tahrir Square,” Jeremy Hodge, a fourth-year Middle Eastern studies major, said. “I eventually got drawn into the front and got exposed to tear gas.


Egyptian Revolution Replaces U.S. Backed Cold War Stooge

It’s not every day that your Egyptian Facebook friend claims: “So many gun shots at night. GOD help us,” and “‘Army and people one hand’: that is the welcoming from the people to the Army, downtown and everywhere all over Egypt.”