Lois Capps To Retire in 2016

24th District Congresswoman announced yesterday that she will not re-run in next election

Excuses to Avoid Being Stopped Near the Arbor

Because “I’m late to class” doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

Not-so-Special Interest Groups and You


Columnist Matthew Meyer explains why Special Interest Groups may be doing you more harm than good.

Getting Over Weiner’s … Wiener


Matthew Meyer explains that there are more important things to worry about than Anthony Weiner’s Wiener.

What’s Crackin’ in Canada

torontomayor copy

Mckinley Krongaus breaks down the unraveling of Toronto’s mayor.

From Education to Deportation: The State of the UC


Mario Vasquez proposes that higher education should not be a political game.

UCSB Professor Cohen Weighs In on North Korea’s Nuclear Threat

Tanks roll through the streets of a North Korean city. This is part of the totalitarian state’s renewed aggressive rhetoric towards its counterparts.

Saber-rattling can once again be heard reverberating from the Korean Peninsula as the North Korean government renews its aggressive rhetoric against its southern counterpart and American ally. The country has threatened nuclear war, and current rumors suggest North Korea’s intentions to launch another controversial missile test. Long ago labeled “The Hermit Kingdom” for its isolation […]

Statewide Affairs

statewide pic- courtesy of Rick Perry campaign

In the first installment of a biweekly column focusing on statewide politics, the Nexus discusses Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s recent trip to California in an effort to attract businesses away from the state with the prospect of reduced taxes. Earlier this month, Texas governor Rick Perry visited California to conduct a four-day business recruitment trip. […]

To the Lady Elephant: Think Before You Trumpet

The Lady Elephant’s article published Friday, Nov. 30 reminded me of an important truth: Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but that does not mean all opinions are created equal. Let’s start with the Elephant’s generalizations. She seems to believe all communication majors are rich girls in yoga pants who are too ‘cheap,’ or perhaps […]

Politics: Like Reality Shows, You Signed Up For This

I don’t consider myself to be an overly or outwardly judgmental person. However, there are certain occasions where I condone judging. The first is reality television. Whenever I find myself watching “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” (more often than I care to admit), I can’t believe the things that pop into my head. My thoughts […]