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Letters to the Editor / Opinion

A Letter from Lois Capps to Isla Vista

Congresswoman Lois Capps reaches Isla Vista community.

Letters to the Editor / Opinion

A Forgotten & Critical Feminist History at UCSB: And Why It’s Still Important

Amy Jo Goddard explores the issue of women’s rights at UCSB.

Letters to the Editor / Opinion

Open Letter on Gun Control

Marc Reisman explores the issue of gun control.

Opinion / Reflections - 5/23


Andrew Pagan remembers the victims of the May 23 tragedy.

Students, community members and victims' families assembled for a candle in response to  the tragedy that shook Isla Vista on Friday night. (John Clow / Daily Nexus)
Letters to the Editor / Opinion

For Us All: A Love Letter to Our Students

Professor Fradenburg speaks on behalf of the entire faculty to reiterate that the UCSB staff stands in support of its students and community.