TBL Staff and Finance Board Critical of A.S. Senate’s Decisions


Last night’s Associated Students Senate meeting witnessed heavy student participation with representatives from the Finance Board, The Bottom Line, several campus queer groups and other organizations all asking for support from the Senate and expressing their disappointment with recent Senate decisions. Last week, Finance Board agreed to allocate $12,000 to TBL for honoraria alone, but […]

Student Senate, A.S. Executive Director Discuss Need for Increased Student Space on Campus


The Associated Students Senate held their weekly meeting last night and discussed issues regarding ongoing campus development and further engaging the student body in tackling the current budgetary obstacles facing the UC system at the state level.Speakers in the meeting focused particularly on the school’s physical landscape, emphasizing the need for more student space on […]

TBL Requests Additional Funding


Last night’s Associated Students Legislative Council meeting focused on the organization’s budget, highlighting discrepancies between the groups’ funding and next year’s decreased honoraria. Most of the discussion centered on the precarious future of The Bottom Line’s print edition as around 19 of its staff members presented their arguments to the council during public forum. TBL’s […]

A.S. Deliberates UCOP Tax, Frets Over Election


Budget strains and funding issues dominated A.S. Legislative Council’s agenda during its meeting last night. Council members approved a $500 allocation for the Elections Committee to supplement the advertising budget for Spring Elections. The council also doled out a significant portion of its remaining budget for the year to the Food Bank, Finance Board and […]

Leg Council Reviews New Tax

A.S. Legislative Council discussed the UC Board of Regents’ tax initiative to restructure the UC Office of the President’s funding model during this week’s meeting. The tax requires that the UCs pay a 1.69 percent fee on all revenue-earning finances including student lock-in fees. Leg Council created an ad hoc committee to construct the campus’ […]

Legislative Council Discusses Next Year’s Budget

Associated Students Legislative Council spent the majority of last night’s meeting discussing the specifics of their impacted 2011-2012 budget. Next year’s proposed budget contains $284,953 in unallocated funds — about half of last year’s unallocated budget — and must be approved by the council within the next week. Representatives deliberated over the most effective areas […]

Leg Council Funds A.S. Votetopia

Associated Students Legislative Council discussed A.S. Election Committee’s funding for their “Votetopia” campaign to mobilize student participation in the Spring Election during last night’s five-hour meeting. The Council allocated additional funding for Votetopia from its Special Projects account to supplement the funding it received after originally requesting $7,543 from Finance Board to rent Corwin Pavilion […]

A.S. Council Debates Creation of New Board

The Associated Students Legislative Council discussed the instatement of a new A.S. entity at last night’s four-hour meeting.

Associated Students Legislation Productivity Faces Partisan Issues

The Associate Students Legislative Council struggled to overcome party divisions as they passed a total of two bills and approved four action items in last night’s meeting.

Legislative Council Addresses Local Hate Speech

The Associated Students Legislative Council tabled many bills during Wednesday’s five hour meeting.