Left Said Tackles Divestment

Some will remember the commotion a few weeks back surrounding a resolution proposed to our student government that would have the university divest from American companies who profit from internationally recognized human rights abuses when their technology is used by Israel to subdue the Palestinian population. With the resolution’s defeat, I propose we consider some […]

Left Said: Love of Liberty Clashes With Love of “Traditional” Families

It simply goes without saying that in a liberal democracy, two individuals of the opposite sex have a political right to marry one another before the state. The conversation on “marriage equality” ends there, though more can be said about the nature of marriage itself and marriage politics. To qualify my first claim, American conservatives […]

Left Said: America’s Drone Warring With Impunity

For all the talk of drones and extra-judicial killing this past week, I’d like to offer the following as an exercise considering arguments that you might not hear from the Department of Justice or the U.S. Senate or even the New York Times, for that matter. The reader will no doubt be aware of the […]

Colonialism Isn’t Dead Yet (Well, Not in Mali)

For those who have followed the situation, and even for those who haven’t, the story being told about Mali will be both convincing and familiar. It goes like this: In a part of the world known for instability, terrorists threaten to overthrow a democratic government. These terrorists are characterized by repressive political and religious attitudes […]

[Left Said] President Obama: Master of Rhetoric and the Status Quo

Last week President Obama gave liberals the speech they wanted to hear: His rhetoric was lofty, historically conscious and unabashedly progressive. Now that the goose bumps have settled, however, we will have to wait and see whether his message proves hollow or if he can deliver. From a political standpoint, things look both good and […]

[Left Said] US Immigration Policy: Drawing the Line Between Who Gets In and Who Doesn’t

  Irony comes cheap in the United States. Amid the reactionary uproar defending the Second Amendment, many voices of the right avidly pointed out that no small number of what we have come to know as totalitarian states “took the guns.” Their point in doing so is to equate President Obama’s would-be gun legislation to […]

(Left Said) Abortion: When Does Life Begin And Who Decides That? Why This Debate Matters

I’ll start by saying that I personally feel that abortion, when resorted to for the wrong reasons, is an immoral and selfish practice. In my own case, as is true for many people, the popular rational for abortion is invalid. As an individual, I am a person of above-average means. If I were to get […]

Left Said: The Right To Bear Arms: Are America’s Gun Laws To Blame for Recent Gun Violence?

As the rapper Kool A.D. says, it’s hard to answer the question of guns. Firearms, while deeply ingrained in America’s collective consciousness, are deadly, and in the style of self-fulfilling prophecy, they beget tragedies too numerous to recount. But our inability to face the violent nature of our nation’s culture and history prolongs a bloody […]

Left Said: New Wave of Violence Deepens Old Wounds (Thoughts on the Latest Attacks in the Israel-Palestine Conflict)

The New York Times on Sunday broadcast a video attempting to present an evenhanded explanation of the latest violence to befall the Gaza Strip. The narrator lays out the situation in tones befitting such tragedy, taking care not to appear biased. But, when the situation is honestly considered — over 100 Palestinians dead and 600 […]

Left Said: The ‘B’ Word: Balancing America’s Budget

No more than a few days after the election and America’s political system already seems intent on hurtling itself toward oblivion, this time by way of the ‘fiscal cliff.’ For those who tuned out after Obama’s victory last Tuesday, hoping for some time away from politics, the fiscal cliff refers to a series of budget […]