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Left Said Tackles Divestment

Some will remember the commotion a few weeks back surrounding a resolution proposed to our student government that would have the university divest from American companies who profit from internationally recognized human rights abuses when their technology is used by Israel to subdue the Palestinian population. With the resolution’s defeat, […]

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Left Said: Love of Liberty Clashes With Love of “Traditional” Families

It simply goes without saying that in a liberal democracy, two individuals of the opposite sex have a political right to marry one another before the state. The conversation on “marriage equality” ends there, though more can be said about the nature of marriage itself and marriage politics. To qualify […]

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Left Said: America’s Drone Warring With Impunity

For all the talk of drones and extra-judicial killing this past week, I’d like to offer the following as an exercise considering arguments that you might not hear from the Department of Justice or the U.S. Senate or even the New York Times, for that matter. The reader will no […]

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Colonialism Isn’t Dead Yet (Well, Not in Mali)

For those who have followed the situation, and even for those who haven’t, the story being told about Mali will be both convincing and familiar. It goes like this: In a part of the world known for instability, terrorists threaten to overthrow a democratic government. These terrorists are characterized by […]

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[Left Said] President Obama: Master of Rhetoric and the Status Quo

Last week President Obama gave liberals the speech they wanted to hear: His rhetoric was lofty, historically conscious and unabashedly progressive. Now that the goose bumps have settled, however, we will have to wait and see whether his message proves hollow or if he can deliver. From a political standpoint, […]