Right to Privacy Only as Good as Ability to Conceal

It may be surprising to some people, but for some reason I don’t get invited to a lot of parties in Isla Vista. Maybe it’s because I still think Van Halen and ZZ Top are hip.

Sheriffs Identify Identity Thief

Santa Barbara County sheriff’s detectives rebooked 26-year-old Imoukhuede Ohiwerei Ehimi earlier this week after further investigation revealed several new victims of his identity theft schemes.

The Five Points of Cannabis

Okay, Proposition 19 went down in flames. Fuck it. Time to keep this psychedelic gravy train a-rolling and keep all eyes on the real prize coming in 2012: The Beginning of the World.

With Precious Rights Comes Personal Responsibility

Everyone likes a good yarn. I’m not talking about the kind the kittens play with, but a good old rip roaring story told around the camp fire or beer pong table.

Prosecutors To Continue Cases Involving Weed

Santa Barbara city officials have resumed court hearings and legal proceedings regarding the sale and use of marijuana after a prosecution hiatus during the midterm general elections.

Law Enforcement Aspires to Ideal of Impartiality

Although the Halloween glow has long faded by now, the aftershocks of that crazy night are still palpable.

Costumed Cop Pursues I.V. Justice

It is hard to believe that it is almost Halloween again! Some cops don’t like working Halloween, but I love it. It’s a great time to see some original costumes and for the most part everyone is having a good time.

Locals Rise for Safer Streets

Milpas Street residents and business owners gathered Tuesday to formally announce the formation of the Milpas Community, a group dedicated to reducing the amount of prostitution, drugs, panhandling and public defecation in the area.

Social Host Ordinance Produces Unintended Consequences

The Social Host Ordinance, a countywide regulation that would impose civil penalties on residents that provide alcohol to minors, should not have passed in its present form.

District Attorney Joyce Dudley Battles for Votes

The reality is that most UCSB students have been or know someone who has been cited for an alcohol-related offense.