Speace’s Pieces: Why Do We Play? To Win the Games

The NBA playoffs come down to two things: wins and losses. When we criticize, analyze and scrutinize every single move of each team, coach and individual player, it is all for naught. The level and style of play is not important. Only the victories — plain and simple.

Speace of Mind: Golf Needs Tiger…for Better or for Worse

Hearty congratulations to the new owner of the illustrious Green Jacket, but I can’t help but wonder, “What if?”

Speace’s Pieces: Shady Acquisitions

Forget TOMS shoes and flannel shirts. Stacking has become the ultimate trend of 2010-2011.

Speace’s Pieces: Kobe and the Lakerettes

Kobe will always be Kobe. Whether Phil Jackson likes it or not, Kobe is always going to hoist up shots when he decides that the win is slipping from the Lakers’ grasp.

Speace of Mind: Ross is the Giants’ Mr. October

Ross is Boss. Granted, I know I am not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to baseball, but I do recognize great players and teams when I see them. And the Giants are definitely not one of them… kidding! Only kidding. I fully realize the intense love that over half of the student body […]

Speaces Pieces: Brett Favre SUCKS

I used to like him. I really did. With the whole, “aw, shucks” persona he had going, Brett Favre was hard to dislike.

Bulldogs, Britney Spears and Red Cards

Editors Note: Julia Speace is a senior defender on the Gaucho women’s soccer team, as well as a regular contributor to the Daily Nexus with her professional sports column titled “Speace of Mind.” Printed in this edition of Nexus Sports is her latest entry in her weekly blog, which also appears on the Gaucho Athletics […]