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Newly Elected A.S. Staff Holds First Senate Meeting

Wednesday night’s Associated Students Senate meeting, the first to be held by the newly elected senate for the 2014-2015 academic school year, focused on the mass shooting that occurred last Friday night in Isla Vista.


BSU Implores Chancellor Yang to Meet Demands Faster

The Black Students Union issued a statement this past Thursday calling for Chancellor Henry T. Yang to rename North Hall to Malcolm X Hall, mirroring a similar request made by a group of black students in 1968.


Professor Fred Wudl Wins Award for Organic Solar Cell

Chemistry professor Fred Wudl, whose team was the first to create an effective organic solar cell, was awarded the Spiers Memorial Award for his 40-year research work on carbon-based electronics.


Prestigious Academy Elects UCSB Professors to Join Ranks

UCSB religious studies professor Catherine Albanese and physics professor Anthony Zee were recently elected to be members of the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences, making them two of just 33 UCSB scholars elected to the Academy since its founding in 1780.


Deep-Sea Explorer & UCSB Alumnus Ballard Gives Talk

Dr. Robert Ballard, one of today’s most well-known explorers of the deep sea, spoke at a packed Campbell Hall yesterday afternoon as the keynote speaker for UCSB’s eighth annual All Gaucho Reunion.